Don’t we all just love the classic song “The Window Cleaner” also sometimes known as “When I’m Cleaning Windows”.  Maybe not a track you’d rush out to buy, but it’s a comedy song which definitely puts a smile on your face.  It’s fun, catchy and will be playing in your mind for hours… Maybe less familiar to the people of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but definitely a tune we’d hear here and there growing up in the UK.


It was performed by a comedian for Lancaster, UK called George Formby. It first appeared in the 1936 film Keep Your Seats Please. The song received many credits.

So successful was the song that George Formby recorded another version of it entitled “The Window Cleaner (No. 2)”. Along similar lines, it used orchestration to the original version and it was about further things which were seen on a window cleaning round.  The Clean Team are obviously professional enough to keep this information to ourselves..!


More recently the song also appeared in the Sony PlayStation 2 game Eye Toy.

The song made a TV appearance on American Dad, with brief lines being sung by Avery Bullock in the episode “Failure is not a Factory-Installed Option”   


Surprisingly, maybe or maybe not, a dance mix of the song, with the first eight lines of the original vocals from the first version, appeared in the UK Singles Chart in December 1994 by 2 in a Tent, who were Amadeus Mozart and Andy Pickles (Jive Bunny/ Hyperlogic). The Video for this release features Mozart, Pickles and Stars in their eyes finalist David Clarke as George Formby.  Mmm, maybe there’s an opportunity for an Arabic remix here?


Classic.  The song was written in 1936 and is still known today.  Need we say more?

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