The Clean Team are not just a professional window cleaning company.  We specialise in cleaning exterior surfaces from floors to roofs, and everything in between, across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. 

We particularly enjoy cleaning facades or sometimes referred to as façades.  This is because when we do this kind of cleaning, we see the entire building washed and shining.  Often looking better than new. 


A facade is the exterior side of a building, generally, but not always, the front. The word comes from the French language, meaning “face” or “front”.

The facade of a building is clearly the most important aspect from a design perspective, as it’s the first thing people will usually see.  It could be glass, cladding or concrete.  As this is the case, why are so many building left to collect dust and sand and not maintained to the required standards?  There could be many answers to this, but generally, well maintained buildings are cleaned regularly, with high rise buildings cleaned once every 3 months on average.


As you will know, for high rise buildings and towers, The Clean Team prefer rope access cleaning over other methods, such as cradles and lifts.  Rope access is safer, more efficient and sorry, did we say safer?  Of course staff have to be suitably qualified, and this is one area that you as a client, and we as a service provider cannot compromise.  The Clean Team only work with Rope Access Technicians that have the necessary IRATA certification.


Whether you have a high rise tower built with glass, or a smaller building made out of concrete, The Clean Team can provide you with the façade cleaning services you require to ensure your premises look great.


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