The right technology can save time, money and provide better results.  We have the ideal window and building washing technology for the hot and dusty UAE environment.

The Clean Team has invested in patented window cleaning water fed pole technology which is efficient, cost effective and safe.  100% pure water is produced using our reverse osmosis mobile water filtration system and sprayed onto the surface through a soft bristle brush at the top of the pole to remove the dirt. The pure water attracts dirt and impurities before being rinsed away. The water is then left to evaporate leaving a spotless finish with no sticky residue left to attract dirt.

Surfaces can be cleaned up to heights of 70ft by an operative working at ground level.  This makes it not only extremely efficient, but also much safer than conventional cleaning methods where ladders or scaffolding is used.  All this means less disruption to businesses or homes.


Safety First

Safer, faster and less disruptive than our competitors.

More Efficient

We can reach heights of up to 70 feet high with our feet on the ground.

Very Effective

We can access those hard to reach places easily and safely.

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