“First impressions count….”

Whether you’re a house proud individual, or a business owner, you’ll want to ensure you present your premises with confidence.  The appearance of your property is of importance, as a well kept building reflects the standards and ideals of the owners, or occupiers.

The Clean Team uses both soft washing and power washing techniques to help bring the appearance of buildings back to their original beauty.    Our building washing services include the cleaning of:

Pathways and driveways
Signage for business
Fascia boards

We focus on providing a deep clean to areas of your building that are most used.  Our cleaning results are second to none.

Where possible, we’ll restore the surfaces of your building using specialist equipment, including revolutionary industrial pressure washing or the rotary water machine wash system for hardwearing areas.  For the more delicate parts of the building, a soft wash system will be used.  Chemicals are only used as a last resort.

For any enquiries you may have about our services call us today on FREEPHONE 8001 5683 (LOVE)

Soft Washing

Soft washing using special chemicals and a telescopic pole system.  For delicate surfaces, power washing is not the best way to clean.  Our soft washingsystem will ensure your villa or commercial premises look like new again.

Pathway Cleaning

The pathway leading up to your front entrance is probably the most used part of your villa or business premises.  Often we just expect it to look tired.  However, this is not the case, see how we made this pathway feel special again.

Power Washing

We can power wash buildings using a telescopic system, or by using scaffolding or booms lifts.  For hardwearing surfaces, power washingis often the most effective way ofcleaning.  We ensure this is done effectively and safely.

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